Teniso Kortų dangos

Tennis courts can be all of kind: asphalt, concrete, clay, natural/artificial grass, rubber, or plastic. Tennis game speed, style and quality relies on court surface, so it is very important to select the best suited type.

On hard court: concrete or asphalt - ball can bounce high after it hits the surface, but this court doesn't save tennis players joints and tendons.

We recommend artificial grass, plastic or rubber surfaces to minimize a risk of injury. Also these type of courts doesn't need that much of maintenance like for clay or natural grass courts.

The artificial grass coating is close to natural grass, but it is resistant to wear and can be used very intensively.

Artificial grass cover is waterproof and easy to install. Also for artificial grass it is very important to have an under layer which ensures surface elasticity, equal ball bounce and hitting absorption.

We recommend Regupol multifunctional surface, this surface is made from rubber granules and EPDM, have very good ball bounce properties, absorption and noise reducing properties.

Plastic surface is very easy to mount, long lasting and resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Tennis Court Surfaces

Tennis Court Surfaces

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