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BH fitness

BH FITNESS company was founded in year 1909. They rapidly expanded their business in Spain and became international corporation. After 80 years BH has been representated in more than 65 countries. Nowadays company's products are one of the best in the world because of innovations, design and functionality. BH products are for both professional gyms and home.

BH fitness

BH gained success because of two decades experience with designing fitness and cardio machines: imitators, treadmills, upright bikes, vibration platforms, elliptical trainers. Best BH Fitness characteristics are: dedication for desing, quality and highest effectivity.

Products has won a lot of awards all over Europe. BH products are made by conforming to international standarts (ISO 9000), because of that it's being sold not only all over Europe, but also in North America, Mexico and Asia. BH truly is one of the most reliable and widely used brand in the World.

BH fitness

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