JSC „Metausta” – was founded in year 2014 and is one of the best companies in sport and leisure field. Company thrives in retail, wholesale and and e-commerce business. We are selling our e-shop products in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We can offer more than 10 thousand. high-quality goods of the most famous brands, including trainers, sports equipment, various sports goods, sports medicine goods, supplements for sports and slimming goods, leisure goods, etc. 

Our retail shops are in Lithuania: Vilnius and Kaunas. Latvia: Riga and Estonia: Tallinn.

Our e-shops in Lithuania are: www.powersport.ltwww.insportline.lt, www.sportosistemos.lt, www.kidis.lt, in Latvia - sportasistemas.lv and in Estonia - www.insportline.ee

We are also supplying products for wholesale price, we can offer our clients a broad list of products, fair prices and operative services.

Our team - persons who have many years of experience with professional athletes, continually enhancing their knowledge of bodybuilding, fitness sports that can offer you the highest level of advice not only for food supplements, dietary and its harmonization issues, but also to select the appropriate sports equipment for wanted results.

Our goal is to offer our clients good quality products for the best price. Our company works according to Lithuanian Republic law and is certified by Lithuanian Food and Veterinary Office, so you can be sure that you always will get only good quality products.



Adress: Šv. Gertrūdos g. 7, Kaunas

Phone: +370 602 20866

Email: kaunas @ powersport.lt

Work hours:

I - V:      9.00 - 18.00

VI:       10.00 - 15.00


Adress: Laisvės pr. 125, Vilnius

(iš J. Baltrušaičio g. pusės)

Phone: +370 671 24005

Email: vilnius @ powersport.lt

Work hours:

I - V:    10.00  - 19.00

VI:       10.00  - 15.00


Company name: UAB "Metausta"
Company code: 303100222
VAT code: LT100008142113
Adress for correspondence: St. Gertrūdos street. 7, Kaunas, Lithuania

Bank: AB SEB bankas
Bank code: 70440
Checking account: LT28 7044 0600 0790 8780



Gediminas Bubnelis

Phone: +370 614 14429

E-mail: gediminas@powersport.lt

Agnietė Jaskevičienė

Phone: +370 618 44233

E-mail: agniete@powersport.lt

Projects (Schools, kindergardens, outdoor fitness equipment):

Wholesale trade:

Ilona Bubnelienė

Phone: +370 670 67740

E-mail: ilona@powersport.lt

Glebas Stundža

Phone: +370 683 10733

E-mail: didmena@powersport.lt 


Service and warranty:

Phone: +370 602 20866

E-mail: buhalterija@powersport.lt

Phone: +370 602 20866

E-mail: servisas@powersport.lt

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