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Swiss company Airex is a woldwide leader that manufactures yoga, fitness, pilates, exercise mats. They are experienced in reabilitation, sports ir holistic techning ares and that helped to develop highest quality and functionality gymnastics/aerobics mats. 

New technologies helped to create warm, smooth and ergonomic matresses and pads to execute yoga and gymnastics activities.  Often exercises that are done properly can help recuperate people's joints, muscles and ligaments.

Airex was founded in year 1956 and now makes not only matresses, but also balance pads. These pads are made from polimers and are resistant to pressure, scratches and also softens floor hardeness.

AIREX matress are:

  • Hygienic -special material that prevents bacteria to multiply, maintenance is easy.

  • Safe - support for muscles and ligaments is not too soft neither too hard.

  • Comfortable – because of closed cells structure, it maintains body temperature, do not hold moisture, do not alergize. Soft and elastic matress material, surface is not slippery.

  • Strong – holds their form, do not get pressed-off, end do not crunch. SWISS quality!  

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