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We do not believe in coincidences, we believe in hard work - says Marbo-Sport product developers, founded a company in Poland 30 years ago. Started production of the classic sports kits for home, the company focused on the desire to help people improve and complete both a good body shape without leaving home. Systematically increasing range - aim to provide not only the athletes at home, but also in the gym or even preparing for competitions.

It is this path has led us to the point where they are today. Bodybuilding has become not only the biggest passion, but also the area where Marbo also successfully specialized. Now, the very strong environmental profile and impact resistance, includes home fitness equipment, semi-professional and professional lines, as well as equipment for combat sports.

  •      benches,
  •      strength and free weight machines,
  •      multifunctional centers,
  •      stands, bars, et al.

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