Professional Gym Equipment Rental

We offer professional fitness trainers for rent. We only work with the best brands: Technogym, Life Fitness, Precor, we can offer a wide selection of elliptical trainers, treadmills and bike trainers.

Professional Gym Equipment Rental Professional Gym Equipment Rental Professional Gym Equipment Rental


With our rent service, you can install a sport gym where you want: in a home, office, SPA's, hotels, village tourism places, sport complex.

We are flexible, we consider the needs of our clients, we can offer flexible contract terms without long-term commitments.

When renting our equipment, we will arrange for delivery, installation, training of staff on how to use trainers, do regular maintenance and repair if it is needed.

Rely on professionals and you will not have any problems!




Mobile: +370 675 50788

Professional Gym Equipment Rental



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