Rubber floor cover puzzle

Our company offers environmentally-friendly sports and leisure rubber coatings.

The rubber coating is one of the longest, most impact-absorbing, non-slip coatings. Rubber coatings are especially suitable for sports clubs, with pools installed next to them. By choosing a rubber cover, you will be sure that the workout or other active activities will be safe and the floors are protected.
Modular interconnecting is particularly suitable for gyms with a lot of heavy training equipment. Modular coating can cover both long-term and short-term training zones.
Outdoor playgrounds for active children's play are associated with the risk of injury. Our proposed rubber coating for children's playgrounds minimizes the risk of any injuries. The lush outdoor cover not only protects the children, but also decorates the yard of any kindergarten, because every detail of the coat can be of different colors.  


Everroll® crosstile is a single-layer elastic tile, specifically designed for crossfit requirements. It is 30 mm or 43 mm thick and its robust composition ensures good dampening characteristics and excellent impact absorption properties. The tiles are quite “forgiving” to jumps and sprint training, supportive for crossfit “athletes” and offer a sufficient level of slip-resistance.


Material composition

PUR bonded rubber crumb moulded into tile format

Standard thickness

30 mm and 43 mm

Dimensions of tile

1,000 x 500 mm,

including “appearance joint” for square design

Force reduction

everroll® crosstile offers an excellent force reduction rating, above the requirements for athletic surfacing = approximately 50.4 %

The force reduction rating is expressed as a relative percentage (bare concrete slab = 0 % force reduction) of the force that is not reflected when applied to a resilient surface. The higher the force reduction rating, the more “forgiving” the surface.

Impact sound

improvement rating (dLw) > 21 dB

Impact resistance

21 Nm This impact resistance rating exceeds the universally applicable minimum requirement for sports floorings of 8 Nm quite considerably.

Special properties and benefits

– easy on joints during general fitness training, extraordinary force reduction rating

– thoroughly protects subfloors

– extremely impact sound and shock absorbent

– impact resistance exceeds industry standard

– slip resistant – suitable for underfloor heating

– easy installation

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