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These floors has been created for amateur and professional play. It is the best option for Lithuania weather, because we know that temperature change(summer/winter, sun/rain/snow) can damage most floors. These floors don't hold moisture, holds pressure and guarantees ball and floor connection. Polypropilene floors can hold for 200 years. This floor can be put over high density clay. Because of that our clients can save their money, because concrete or asphalt cover and drenage are not needed.

Manufacturer "BERGO", Sweden.

Polypropilene - copolymer mixed module floor is resistant to shock, don't hold water, is created especially for outdoors. This floor maitenance is easy, doesn't need any special drenage ant can be put on compacted soil.

Module - 27 cm x 27 cm and 1,8 cm thickness

Manufacturer "SportGrupa", Poland.



Synthetic grass (OUTDOORS)

Outdoors playfield, which can be used for both professional and amateur play. It is good alternative for natural stadium grass, because it can be maintained easily, have all quality certificates and long floor hairs (9-15mm) and quartz sand filling guarantees safe ant good quality play.

Free flooring - juncture glueing. Waterproof meets DIN-18035 international standart regulations, colour resistance meets DIN 54004 standart regulations.


Biggest indoor sport floor manucacturer, which was founded in year 1947. This is good quality production, which is official supplier for biggest basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, athletics, fencing and squash tournaments. Gerflor also have all safety and quality certificates. Floors have best characteristics of spot elasticity shock absorbtion and ball bouncing. Floors are very hygenic - do not let bacteria and fungus to multiply.

Gerflor is exception in floors industry, because it invests in science research that explores injury prevention and playing/exercise effectiveness.

Manufacturer "Gerflor", France



Spokey from year 2007 becomes more ant more know for good quality ant small price. They have eight differrent sport floors so you can easily choose from this wide selection. This floor is mainly protecting original floor from training machines pressure and droping weights shock.

This floor saves space and can hold for long years.

One element dimension: 61x61x1,2cm.

Matterial: EVA

Manufacturer "Spokey", Lenkija


Danish parquet floor company started their work in year 1930 from wood recycling. Long years in wood industry helped this company to develop best technologies for sport floors. Junckers production have four main selections:

  1. Big width floors: where pressure spots affect wide training area  (wood);
  2. Small area floors: when only small area of floor gets pressure (vinyl);
  3. Combined floors.(Wood and Vinyl);
  4. Mixed floors. (Vinyl and other synthetic materials mix)

Junckers floor is know for good shock absorbtion, protection from vertical deformation, good bouncing characteristics, best friction between 80 and 110, maximal wheels pressure of 150kg.

Manufacturer "Junckers", Dennmark.


EPDM, TPV, SBR pellets are created for sport and leisure complexes.

These floors are most used for football stadiums, running tracks, tennis courts, playgrounds. Manufacture process use only materials of best quality.

Football fields EPDM Infill filling pellets - artificiant grass replacement, gives elasticity for surface and safety for players. Filling protects grass from deformation. Colours: green, grey, brown and brown. Standart pellet size is 0,5 - 2,5 mm. Certified by FIFA association.

EPDM Starlight pellets - innovative product with special low density parameters. Big amount of EPDM pellets guarantees ground flexibility, because of that it is best for running tracks.

TPE-V pellents – thermoplastic rubber for running tracks, football fields, playgrounds, school yards, sport and gymnastic gyms, tennis courtsand golf fields. Available sizes: 0,0 - 0,5 mm, 0,5 - 1,5 mm, 0,5 - 2,5 mm (filling), 1,0 - 3,5 mm. Wide colour selection

SBR black pellets for lower layer of artificial grass. Have good reisistance and guarantees playing safety.  Available sizes:  0,5 - 2,5 mm,  1,0 - 4,0 mm,  3,0 - 8,0 mm,  20,0 - 30,0 mm.



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