Sport Floor Ccovers


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Outdoor playgrounds are ideal for sports stadiums, school sports grounds, athletics halls, children's playgrounds, leisure areas in towns and parks. It also can be used for private terraces, balconies, garages. These sport surfaces are very safe, elastic, non-slip, absorbant, impact resistant.

Indoors fitness, crossfit and gym surfaces are resistant to wear, elastic, absorbs shock, very strong and do not need any maitenance. Those surfaces can also be recommended for basketball, handball, tennis, badminton, volleyball and other sport courts.

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Tennis courts are more and more popular all around the world. Not only sport complexes, but also country tourism and recreation facilities are installing tennis courts. We can offer different tennis court surfaces: artificial grass cover, plastic cover, rubber cover. Because of these surfaces properties, it can be suited for all weather conditions, so it can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

We offer good quality sport cover for gyms that will stand a test of time. You can select puzzle cover that can be installed and uninstalled easily. Rubber covering can be selected from many different thickness (puzzle or glued).

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We offer highest quality running surfaces which could be installed in professional or school stadiums or in other sports fields. Running surface is very durable. We can also offer multifunctional playing surfaces that can be mounted in most of sport fields or where the ball games are played.

Outdoor training zones now are widely developed in main cities all over the world. Those training zones need surface that is safe and durable. Most popular surface is rubber puzzle flooring which is not slippery, is easy to install and resistant to adverse weather conditions.

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If you want to have nice surface in stadium or tennis court that will look nice and will not require a lot of maintenance - artificial grass is an ideal solution. On this surface you will feel like on natural grass, but it will have good resistance to wear and good amortization properties. Differently from natural grass, you can train on it without the brakes.

Surface for children playgrounds have to be very safe. Our rubber coating is not slippery even in rainy conditions. This surface is soft, so in case of fall child will not be injured. This covering is very durable. We offer children playground surfaces, 3D objects and other surfaces: multifunctional playground surfaces, rubber puzzle covering.


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