Gymnastics equipment


Gymnastics is a sport in which olympic champions usually becomes highschoolers, because of that gymnastics equipment have to be in most of the schools. We can offer professional gymnastics ballance beams and parallel bars, trampolines, also children products: matresses, wall bars, ropes, hoops, pommel horses. Also there are artistic gymnastics where athletes combine aerobic exercises and dance moves, where they use: trampolines, balls, elastic bands.







Football - one of the most popular games in school that can be played both outdoors and indoors. We offer Molten and Select Balls. Also we have goalsnets and accessories for football.

For Handball we offer both mobile and stationary goalsnets and accessories. We offer wide selection of Molten and Select balls.

Manfred Huck - Europe nets leader. They offer high level technology products and wide selection. 

Aerobic workouts


Health - one of the best value that we have to develop from childish days.. No matter of what intensity your activity is, all kind of action sustains good fitness level and muscle tone. Schools organize aerobic, gymnastic workouts that usually promotes girls activity. For girl aerobic workouts we offer: Dumbells and Pump bars, hoops, Training sticks, yoga balls and mats. InSPORTline and Togu are one of the best brands for aerobics and gymnastics, their production have all international safety and quality certificates.


Table tennis





We offer Sure Shot (Official Fiba supplier), Spalding (Official Turkish Airlines Euroleague supplier). These are mobile and stationary basketball stands, boards, hoops, nets and balls.

Table tennis is getting more and more popular with youngsters, so schools and community centers are buying more and more tennis tables. Highest class Sponeta and Cornilleau tables are good for both indoor and outdoor play.

Also we have wide selection of balls and rackets.

Athletics is one of the most cultivated sport in schools. We offer equipment for running, javelin, disc and hammer throws, also shot put. We install protective nets, throwing sectors.

Outdoor training machines

Training machines

Changing rooms




Outdoor trainers become more and more popular everyday.

With a few outdoor training machines people can train all the muscles of their body and enjoy nice weather.

Schools are getting modern nowadays. You can find cardio and power trainers at school now . We offer Treadmills, Elliptical trainersTraining bikes and rowing machines . Also we sell Multifunction power centers, bars, weightskettlebells ir dumbbells.

We can install changing rooms: prepare project for optimall space use and offer best furniture.

Other equipment

We have wide selection of accessories for school activities. These are - chronometers, jumping ropesmedicine balls ir t.t.

We spend a lot of attention to children's physical activity equipment. We look deeply into details of every client project. If you didn't find find anything and have a question, don't hesitate to call us.

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